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Today, everybody want the latest
BUT sometimes…. old People, old things,
old buildings could tell us so much.
Happinss is… home alone and playing your music as loud as you want ?
?My record collection probably tells the story of my life better than I could in words…
It’s Friday and i´m at work. ?
And i love it, because - look… it's so beautiful!!
Braun Atelier … it is a design legend.
Just beautiful. with great sound. And looks pretty good
on our shelves. Just 4mm Steel in clean white
Let the light shine out of the darkness✨
❓❓What is your favourite „New Order“ song❓❓
Friday… time to sit down, listen to your favourite vinyl and just relax?‍♀?‍♂
There is no reason not to go after what sets your soul on fire. ?