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About us

DiaDorn Interior specializes in steel shelves.
The idea came about because I (Fabian Werner – owner) wanted to buy steel shelves for my vinyl collection.
I didn’t want wooden shelves. They had to be made of steel, free of lacquer, and as slim as possible.
But I couldn’t find anything. So I had them built. First for myself, and now also for you.
Shelves made of steel. Simply beautiful and for all eternity.

When the first shelves were done, I quickly realized that you could do much more than “just” use them for vinyl records. I used them as table, bookshelf, chair, bar, wardrobe, or for the Hifi. They can be used, in essence, for “almost” everything.

But I think it works best as a vinyl record shelves. Ever since I was young, I have been living and loving music. And nothing looks as good in these shelves as a vinyl collection.

DiaDorn Interior is a subsidiary of DiaDorn, my company for deposit safes. As a result, DiaDorn Interior benefits from the fast logistics and a very good customer service. Only when you are satisfied, I can be too.

You can use the shelves for whichever purpose you like. Be yourself, change yourself as often as you like, and turn the shelves into something unique. Your home, your office, your rehearsal room, or your store.

I am proud to welcome each and every one of you as customer, and I look forward to working together. Thank you so much.

Fabian Werner