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This deposit safe was built according to the VDMA Directive 24992 for
security level A, featuring a single-walled construction, a 5mm thick
outer wall made of high-quality tempered steel, and a door thickness of 6mm.

The deposit slot was designed to allow enough space for the
insertion of envelopes containing coins and banknotes, while ensuring
sufficient security against unauthorized access with the use of the return mechanism.

This deposit safe is locked with a double-bit key lock
and 2 heavy-duty steel bolts. 

Product information "Steel shelf | Clear varnish | Shelf made of 4mm-thick steel with structure | Hifi | Industrial design | Laser cut"
BRAND  | DiaDorn
DESIGNED IN  | Berlin 
MANUFACTURED IN | made in the EU
SURFACE TREATMENT  | clear varnish
DIMENSIONS | height 400  X width 600  X depth 350
WEIGHT   | 21 kg
CARE INSTRUCTIONS  | No special care required
CLEANING  | Normal cleaning supplies
COMMENTS  | No assembly necessary

| Shelf

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